Friday, June 30, 2006

A corner of her own.

Yes, I know Virginia Woolf said every woman should have a room of her own, but it my little-ish house with four kids, I get a corner.

There it is, all my hobbies crammed in one corner. The piece of furniture with the lamp on it is my sewing machine. It's turquoise blue and quite retro (vintage, in a all actuality). It only does straight and zig-zag, nothing fancy, but it works great. The framed photo is my grandmother at age 16, in 1951 or so.

My first love is cross-stitch. I started stitching when I was four or five years old, and I still love it 25 years later. But, in this second picture, you can see that the yarn is starting to take over. That's one of those purple fabric drawers, 12"x12". When I reorganized a few months ago, I originally filled this cube with smaller cross-stitch patterns and leaflets. But there was space on top, and the yarn invaded. The blue is for a lace shawl for my oldest daugther so she'll stop stealing mine. Under that is some sock yarn and the bright pink is more laceweight for one of the trillion lace shawls I love. I thought that bright pink would really update a traditional lace shawl. Fun!

This last picture is a closeup of my sock yarn cubby. The basket was the original sock yarn receptacle. See how well that's working out? I already admitted that there's more sock yarn kiding in the purple cube, too. But, the yarn down the left side of this cubby isn't sock yarn, so it evens out, right? ;)


Leah said...

A corner is better than nothing, right? NIce pics, Lara, thanks for sharing. :)

Margaret said...

Love your corner. I want to see pictures of the lace shawls updated!

Queen Bee said...

Glad you have at least a corner, Lara :)