Thursday, April 19, 2007

I promised you pink socks.

So, pink socks you shall have. I was wearing them in my shoes before I took the pics, so there's a couple smooshed spots. They were Mary Janes. :p

The first picture has more accurate color. The bonus is that you can see the floors the hubby and I installed. Both the back room and the front room are now complete!

And because he's too cute, here are some pictures of my new nephew wearing his knitted pants. Completely adorable!

M holding T2. (His older brother is the first T.)

E holding T2.

And me holding T2. The picture is dark, but our shirts match! His very talented mom (my sister-in-law) tie-dyed his onesie. It matches the little baby kimono I knitted him. He wore it that day, but it was warm in the house with all of us there for Easter. He's grown since then. They get big so fast.


Anonymous said...

Lovely socks and beautiful baby!

Margaret said...

Love the socks and a great big "AWWWWW" for the beautiful nephew!

Nice job on the floors!

Anonymous said...

Isn't he just adorable!? And those are some neato socks! Can I have a pair in red? LOL!

Vicki said...

Lovely socks! Beautiful floor...and what a cutie T2 is.

Stefaneener said...

What a lucky nevvie! And what nice cheeks he has.

Pretty socks.