Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lots of kids!

I have four children. Three of the four are back in school now, and the fourth goes back tomorrow. I expect to have pictures for you in an upcoming post. ;)

But, three days a week, I also have a fifth child. He's my nephew, T. He's a cutie, that's for sure! And he loves coming over and playing with my kids. Except when he sees the front door and is reminded that his mom left him here. Today, we tried a new tactic and waved from the porch and so far, the door has not made him cry.

Here's a gratuitous picture of some real cuties. (In my opinion. Hee.) This is them last week. Q (left) and A (right) had been giving puppet shows, so T wanted to go behind the puppet theater and see what he could do in there. He's standing on a little step stool so he can see everyone through the window.

Friday, all my full-time kids will be in school and T and I will have some one-on-one time. Wish us luck!


Heather said...

Hey good idea!!!

hapimumTo3 said...

Cute photo but no way can A go to school full time. She's still a baby right?

Queen Bee said...

Yeah, I agree, A is going to school?? And who is that big guy you replaced Q with?? AAAAAAHH!

Karen said...

Wow... those kids are getting way tooo big, way to fast!

Have fun next week with just you and T... I'll be back for an update. ;)

J. Denae said...

Check it out! I'm blog-stalking you now!!