Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A New Day

Things are less soul-crushing today. As you can see, I can now use the letter "C". I may use extra "C" words just because I can. Can can can.

The sewer pipe thing? Still expensive. But it is being taken care of tomorrow morning. I may not be so chipper at the moment when they disconnect my central air units in 100 degree weather in order to dig up the sewer pipe, but it will all be taken care of tomorrow. Not next week as they originally said. Tomorrow.

Today, I let M make popsicles. She made various types of Kool-Aid and poured them in the popsicle molds just fine. The kitchen floor may be a little sticky, but that's OK. It's washable. She also made what Q calls "free sample popsicles". See?

And to further amuse you, my short-toed socklets I knitted on airplanes and in airports when I was on vacation in June. It seems so, so long ago! These are silly little socks, but they were a good plane knit, and a nice way to use up sock yarn leftovers. E gave me a pedicure today. The color is typical of 11 year-old girl polish. ;)


Vicki said...

LOL at your socklets. They are very cute. And I got a kick out of your K post yesterday. Glad to see that your letter C is working again. Good luck with the digging. Hope they are able to get things fixed quickly.

Heather said...

Socklets! I learned a new word!!!!! :)

Glad you C is back... I too thought the K post was hilarious.

Queen Bee said...

So what does one wear socklets for? Just pedicures? Nice colour, btw ;)

~Velda said...

oh gosh your socklets are cute! The names sounds like they should quack or cluck or something lol...LOVE LOVE LOVE your polish colour....It's good to "c" you back *giggle*

J. Denae said...

Seriously, I need the socklet recipe!!