Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Totally random stuff.

This is a totally random post. I don't even have any pictures for you. Unless I decide to add in some totally random pictures.

My husband loves his Arrrrgyle socks. They have barely left his feet since I finished them. He has taken them off for washing and barely let them dry. He did wear regular white sport socks when he was wearing shorts the other day. He has posted about them on his favorite message boards. He has had people ask him what I would charge to make them a pair. I told him at least $100. They were a lot of work.

I fear I may end up having to knit him more socks. I didn't realize I was so selfish with my sock-knitting. I have made the kids socks. I have made my sister socks. I have made my nephew socks. But now that I have made my husband socks and he has shown such affection for them, I suddenly sweat at the idea of having to give up some of the sock-knitting I do for myself. What is going to happen when I finish his sweater? What kind of looney knitter fears that her husband may love her knitting too much?

I almost started crying while watching Deal or No Deal last night. I don't even watch it regularly, but my oldest *really* wanted to watch and I was just folding the laundry anyway. A man chose his first case because the girl holding it was a cancer survivor and his dad died from cancer and he's going to give 10% of his winnings to a cancer charity. My friend Kim is battling breast cancer. She is an inspiration. I'm not a cryer, but that really hit home with me. I love you, Kim. Keep up the fight.

Speaking of the laundry, it is taking over the house. I do a lot of laundry. I have four kids. It happens. When we put our house on the market, after getting rid of roughly half of what we own, we packed up half of what was left. Some of that stuff was winter clothes and winter bedding. It's cold out, now. Guess who had to dig through the stuff in storage and find those things? Guess who still can't find her favorite winter shoes? So, bringing out the winter stuff and packing up the summer stuff makes an even more massive amount of laundry. I'm so sick of laundry.

We got feedback on the latest showing on our house. They said it was cluttered. WTF?! See aforementioned packing and purging. Half of our furniture is in storage. We don't even have enough seats in our living room for the whole family to be in there at once, unless kids sit on parents or on the floor. We had Q's family birthday party here a week ago and we didn't have enough plates for everyone because I packed them up. There are still six people living in this little house. That requires a certain amount of stuff. We have less than that out. Hey *(@&%@$ potential buyers! All this stuff goes with us when we leave. Try paying attention to the house itself! The house I repainted in more neutral colors and the carpets I have shampooed 8 trillion times and the new roof and the 3 bedrooms and two baths for the cheap price. This is not a high-end house. It is not a high-end price. We would move out first and then show it, but fnancially, that is just not possible. I know it's just the opinion of one viewer, but it's really annoying and disheartening.

Our realtor spoke to the realtor of those people who were really really interested. What did the other realtor say? "They're really flaky. Sorry." Nice, huh?

So, if our house does not sell in time for our contingency contract on the other house to go through, we're pulling it off the market until spring. I just can't take it. We're in the midst of the winter slowdown, and I just can't handle this stress for the few lookers we'll get in that time. We'll put it back on the market in February. I don't want to do that, but I think it's the best option. We have to get a solid offer within the next three weeks for the other contract to go through.

And finally, kittens are cute, but kittens make me crazy. :p


Stefaneener said...

Oh, I feel for you. I moved with four the last time and it about cost me my .sani.t
y . . the fourth is helping me type!

We still haven't 100% unpacked, and it's been a year. AND we moved roughly every 2 years the 15 years before that -- you'd think we'd have the "stuff" thing down? Ha!

But you're sane enough to knit terrific and wonderful arrrgyle socks. I'm sure you'll fly through. Do what makes sense for you.

Anonymous said...

Huge hugs on the house!

And I'm glad my husband doesn't want knit socks, I wouldn't ever be able to make anything for ME! ;)

And I'm still too intimidated to try the Arrgyle socks...

Anonymous said...

I've never understood why potential buyers look at your stuff - they're not buying that, they're buying an empty house! We got really bizarre feedback from a couple of people when we sold our place. Hang in there, the right buyer *is* out there!

~Velda said...

((Hugs))) I bawled over Deal or No Deal. I DO watch it regularly and that was just an amazing moment!

Anonymous said...

I hope the right buyer comes along. It can be so frustrating trying to sell and have people coming through your house all the time. Showing in winter would be hard with the holidays and all I think. Let's hope that someone walks in soon that falls in love with it!

Margaret said...

Oh I'm sorry. How frustrating! We borrowed out the wazoo to be able to move before our house sold. (DH had already started his job 4 states away and so we kind of had to) But even WITH an empty and uncluttered house we had to put in new carpet/tile, tear down perfectly good wallpaper, and paint in order for folks to look at it. Ick. Moving stinks.

Queen Bee said...

Ugh. What jerks. Sorry, I meant the clutter phobic freaks. Not that you have clutter. You barely have any stuff!!