Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm such a whiner. Thanks to all my commenters on yesterday's post. Reading them all through makes me feel a little less whiney. And seeing all those people I know from such different places all in one place makes me feel like I can throw a great big party on here and have the greatest guests!

Do other people have the same problems I do with the word verification things? I mean, they're not actually words, just random letters. And they distort them so badly sometimes that I can't figure out what they're supposed to be. I've had to try three times before to get it to go through. (Thanks, J. Denae. Heh.) But sometimes they're really funny. They almost spell something really odd, but not quite. Or if you try to say them out loud it sounds obscene.

The spell check just asked if I want to replace "whiney" with "whinny". Neigh!

I'm going to go work out now. Maybe that will make me a little less whiney.


Margaret said...

LOL Yeah..... I'm sitting here saying "lcekjo" as kekio.....and will probably type kekio.....and then will have to do it all over again.

Heather said...

Yes, I know that Cherie has a problem with those letter things... and sometimes I do to... and sometimes I forget I have to do it at all and then wonder where my post went.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I hate the letter things. I think I type them in right and of course I didn't :P What's worse are the codes on the bottle caps you type in to see if you won a prize ;)

Anonymous said...

I hate the word verification! But I guess it is a necessary evil - the blogs that don't use it always seem overrun with comment spam.

LoisLane said...

You are not whiney!
And I have problems with them all the time. If I get them on the first shot, I am shocked!

Queen Bee said...

I had a little party the first time that I got the word verification correct the first try...on Sharon's blog. Now you and Traci and a few others have them, how "fun"! Btw, it's andks this time, let's see if I can get it right!!