Wednesday, November 01, 2006

10 random things

I picked up Karen's random things generic tag. So sad. lol.

1. We're feeling better today. A has still been napping, but the other two kids who are home are much better.

2. I want my shoes! I packed up my winter shoes and I only found one of the two boxes. My favorite pair are in the other box.

3. I like to bake.

4. I don't like to cook.

5. I may be getting a part-time job. My full-time job made me crazy, but I really miss my paycheck.

6. I applied for three jobs the other day. One was with my former employer. They called this morning to check availability.

7. There are two main reasons I want my paycheck back: yarn money and takeout food money, guilt-free.

8. I love being a SAHM and wouldn't even think about getting a part-time job if my husband made more money.

9. I've been married 10 years and I sometimes wonder how that happened.

10. I love my husband, even when I feel like our life isn't what I expected. That must be how.


Stefaneener said...

I hear you on the unemployed mom guilt stuff. Grrr. I try to remember how much childcare costs, let alone private school . . . but still.

~Velda said...

Good luck with your spending money employment!

Queen Bee said...

Ooooh, hope you get the perfect part time job, I love your reasons!

Katla said...

Lordie, I hear you, sister! I, too, love to bake but hate to cook. LOL Why can't we just feed the family a scruptious pastry w/ marzipan filling and chocolate topping for dinner???

GL on the part-time job hunt.

Heather said...

That is why I work at Boeing twice a week. It gives me play money ;)