Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Better pictures, better day.

I'm seriously not so whiney in real life. The typing just tends to invite a little more self-disclosure, for some reason. Thanks for all your good thoughts, everyone!

Here are some mildly better pictures. I think the first one actually managed to capture some of the depth of this yarn. It's Reynolds Odyssey, the same yarn I used for my fetching wristwarmers. It is so pretty in person! So many different colors that come together but are still understated. Lovely.

This is the cable bobble headband that is in the current (Winter 2006) Interweave Knits magazine. It was fun and fast to knit, and now I can keep my ears warm without completely messing up my hair. Speaking of my hair, I'm letting it go back to its natural color. I've done red for a long time, but it requires a lot of upkeep, and I'm tired of it. I'm making peace with the white hairs which have been multiplying steadily since the first one appeared when I was 20.

And here I am wearing my headband. Yes, I managed to cut off my chin. What do you expect when I'm taking my own picture with no timer? LOL.

I had a job interview this morning. I forgot how comfy my work pants are. They're not as stiff as my jeans. The interview went very well, I think. Now I wait to hear from HR. Part-time could be really fun. I like to stay busy, and I like to have fun money! This will accomplish that without making the rest of my life too insane (I hope.) Plus, I can get a slightly discounted zoo membership through work, and have more fun with the kids. And I can get discounted movie tickets to a certain theater and have fun with my husband. Or my friends. I rarely get to get out with friends, except for KIP.

They're showing our house this evening. :p They called yesterday and I figured it couldn't hurt, since we haven't taken it off the market yet. Wouldn't it be weird if these people wanted to buy it when we just signed the paperwork to let that other one go? HA!


Stefaneener said...

That is a nice headband.

I, too, am going gray ever so ungracefully. . . it's clearly the hip thing to do!

Good thoughts about your housing situation.

Anonymous said...

Love the headband...the colors in it are beautiful. Hope things work out with the job. I'm not sure whether to wish you luck with the people coming to see your house tonight or not. That would be a total bummer if they wanted to buy it after you had just released the other one. Things will work out how they are meant to. Good luck!

~Velda said...

I love the headband, especially the colour, very nice! Good luck on the job and the house

Queen Bee said...

Nice headband, Lara. What's wrong with white hairs? *LOL*

Sara Laughs said...

Ah look, you have dark hair now! I was just thinking of coloring my hair again.

Like the headband!

Anonymous said...

I really like the headband. I much prefer wearing something like that to a hat to keep the old ears warm. Very nice!