Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lots o' knitting

An odd thing happened to me yesterday evening. I didn't feel like knitting. The kids were getting ready for bed and after the story was read, the hubby and I were going to watch some 24 on DVD. But, I didn't feel like knitting. I thought, "OK, well, I'll stitch instead." But I only had two cross-stitch projects going and I really didn't feel like either one of them either. The hubby suggested we may need to take my temperature. He then suggested that I just watch the show, hands idle. Perish the thought! So, a new project! I started a Prairie Schooler Christmas piece, from the Christmas Traditions leaflet. It's the one with Santa and the toys.

But, prior to that, plenty of knitting has been happening here!

For your enjoyment, the kids' Christmas gifts, which they got early. Apparently I'm not so great at keeping secrets from them. I have managed to keep the hubby's socks secret so far. (Assuming he hasn't happened across my blog and read about them and just not told me. Don't tell me if that's true.)

E's Odessa hat. Blue with purple beads.

M's Odessa hat. Pink with pink beads.

Both hats were made from leftover very soft and shiny baby acrylic.

Q's dinosaur, Mr. Stegs.

And a closeup. Isn't he cheerful?

He's acrylic, too. The leftovers of some Red Heart Q had chosen himself, his favorite color. I used the first part for his Knucks.

Finally, A's legwarmers. No link for these. I made the pattern up. I just measured around her legs and did a 2x2 rib tube to fit.

She was very busy reading her hornbook while I took this picture. She has her own fashion sense, for sure. Another mom from her pre-K class last year told me she thought A would be a real trendsetter as she got older. Hee.

These are made from a leftover skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease from a shawl I knitted my grandma last spring. Stash-busting gifts! And the kids love them. The kittens love the dinosaur, too. We have to hide him so that they don't try to wrestle him and destroy him.

There's more, but I think that's enough for today! Another day, you can see A's and my socks and some more washcloth detail. Have a great day!


Queen Bee said...

My goodness, your kids have grown up. Look at them, when did that happen? Great knitting too :)

Anonymous said...

I second that, when did your kids get so big? And how do you get so much knitting done? I haven't been able to sit down to do any for 3 days now!

Anonymous said...

I love the hats! Your kids are so cute. I don't get to see enough pics of them.

BTW, my dad's birthday is in June. Can we talk pirate socks before then?

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute. Cute kids. Cute gifts.