Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I saw this on V's blog. Fun!

Looks like I've got a big gap in the northwest. I think it would be fun to eventually visit all the states. (And perhaps go back to some of these I only saw as a young child.)

Here are a couple pictures of a finished pair of magic booties and the baby pants. The hoodie is now seamed up, all I have to do is the buttons and loops.

june12 015

june12 014

These photos are courtesy of my oldest daughter, E. She has more patience for taking 3 photos at a time and uploading them than I do. She took them on our front porch. For the first time, we have a porch big enough to allow sitting, so we got some things to sit upon. It's very nice to sit out there in the evening if it isn't too hot, or raining sideways. If it's raining straight down, we're fine. But there's been a lot of sideways rain, and also lightening, lately. It's been a stormy spring and summer so far!


Anonymous said...

Come on out West! We'd love to see ya

~V said...

what a cute set!

If you ever hit NY again, I'm only 40 minutes from the border!

Anonymous said...

I love the pants and booties! They're so adorable! Tell E thanks for the pics. ;)