Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rainbow herring

I finished these socks a long time ago, sometime in May.

may1508 006

They are the Red Herring pattern from Knitty, made with Noro Kureyon Sock and gray Knitpicks Palette.

may1508 005

They really are both the same length. I must have been holding my legs funny or something. :p

The Kureyon Sock is very interesting. I didn't mind working with it, having worked with Noro before, I knew what to expect. We'll see if the socks soften up as much as the other Noro I've used has.

I did a short-row heel rather than the afterthought heel the pattern called for.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the colorwork. I haven't done a lot of it in the past, but I can see myself doing much more in the future.

I love them! So cheerful.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"When your friends think smile, they think of you. There is not a day that goes by that you can't find something good about the world and your fellow human."

I hope that's true. :)

Speaking of sunny, here is the little yellow hoodie. I am very happy with how it turned out. It had way too many little pieces to sew together, though. It's very soft. Knit from Bernat Cottontots.


This picture is courtesy of M, my 11 year old daughter. I need to tell her about taking pictures of FOs straight on. :) She's having fun with the camerra now that it holds over 1000 pictures instead of 3. She was taking pictures of any of my knitting she could find.

Off with me! We're going to go visit some friends who used to live around the block from us. Lunch and fun! A couple years ago, they moved to the next state, but now they're back. Unfortunately, I couldn't convince them to move to our new small town. They chose one on the other side of our metropolitan area, 35 minutes away. But, we'll drive this time and see their new house. They'll drive next time and see our new house. Maybe we can meet in the middle sometimes and do something in town. Hopefully we can get together once a month or so.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I saw this on V's blog. Fun!

Looks like I've got a big gap in the northwest. I think it would be fun to eventually visit all the states. (And perhaps go back to some of these I only saw as a young child.)

Here are a couple pictures of a finished pair of magic booties and the baby pants. The hoodie is now seamed up, all I have to do is the buttons and loops.

june12 015

june12 014

These photos are courtesy of my oldest daughter, E. She has more patience for taking 3 photos at a time and uploading them than I do. She took them on our front porch. For the first time, we have a porch big enough to allow sitting, so we got some things to sit upon. It's very nice to sit out there in the evening if it isn't too hot, or raining sideways. If it's raining straight down, we're fine. But there's been a lot of sideways rain, and also lightening, lately. It's been a stormy spring and summer so far!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

So far, so good on the yellow baby sweater. It seems to be doing just fine. I've been knitting the Magic Baby Booties in free moments. They are brain-free knitting and fast and cute. I knitted a pair on Wednesday that accidentally matched the new pants and in-progress sweater. You just knit them from sock yarn leftovers, which I have plenty of.

I am planning to buy a pair of little pants to match the pink and cream kimono. That seems to be the best solution. I don't know that I'll have a lot of luck finding a good color to go with it. It's a funny pink and a heathered, natural cream.

I have a baby surprise jacket, also, that would look good with a lot of different colors of pants. I finally sewed buttons on that today. It's been sitting buttonless for a very long time, because my buttons were packed, and since there were no babies in need of it, it waited. Now it's ready.

I finally ordered a memory card for my camera. It should get here this week, I hope. I had been looking in local stores, but no one stocks them anymore. Must be a format that is going out of style. So, you may get photos yet! I'm itching to update my ravelry projects.

You may get to see my house eventually. :p

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ahhhhh, summer.

Summertime . . . and the knitting's easy.

Or not.

I'm trying to knit a baby sweater. It's giving me fits.

OK, it started with a baby kimono I knitted a long while ago, simply because I wanted to. I thought,"Oh, that kimono and socks would be a great gift for one of the many babies that will be coming along in the next 2-8 months. I think I will knit some little pants to go with it."

I started out with some baby bell bottoms. I knitted one leg and it was wide and stumpy and weird. No go. Rippit.

Then I went for a pair of the baby pants from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts." I've knitted them before. No problem, right? I decided to add a little ruffle to the bottom of the legs. Things were going along swimmingly until I got 3" from the top of the pants and ran out of yarn. A couple emergency stripes later, they are adorable.

And too big. There is no way they will go with that tiny kimono.

OK, another sweater now to go with the pants. (Try to forget that the whole point was to gift the surplus kimono.) I started a girly hoodie in a deep blue. Lovely! And tiny, I noticed, after knitting a hood, a yoke, and two sleeves. Rippit. Also ripped up the pattern, because the tininess was only one of its many problems. (Suffice it to say that I had to rewrite the stitch pattern to make sense, and none of their stitch counts at the end of the row were correct, either for their try at the stitch pattern or mine.)

I'm getting ready to start my next try. Different yarn, a pale yellow. Different hoodie.

Wish me luck! If this doesn't work, every baby is getting a storebought pack of burpcloths.