Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm not dead.

Just exhausted and stressed. I'm so excited about Project Runway tonight! Unreasonably excited. 30 mins until the "Road to the Runway" special.

Here are some socks to entertain you. These are the ones I've kept for myself. Sorry for the blurry, boring picture. A picture stylist, I am not. From the left they are:

My first socks, made from Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn.
My Jaywalkers, made from Trekking XXL.
My oldest daughter's Jaywalkers, made from Regia something or other. :p She has outgrown them, but they fit me!
Pomatomus, made from KnitPicks Essential.
Some socks that I don't remember the name of, from Sensational Knitted Socks, made from Regia cotton something or other.

I've also made lots of socks for my kids, my sister, and my nephew, but I don't have pictures of them. And I have finished a pair of Hedera since I took this picture.

Got to get some stuff done before Project Runway! Think they'll have anything as stylish as my socks on there? ;)


Margaret said...

Awesome socks, Lara! I was sorting stuff to pack a few days ago and found socks that MIL knit for me. I should snap a picture and show you. They're very cool.

Karen said...

They look nice and cozy...

No one has anything as stylish as your socks. ;)

Queen Bee said...

What is Project Runway? I love your socks! Do you take orders?

Stefaneener said...

If you're back from your move, and you email me, I might have something to send you about a back-zip kiddie sweater. . .