Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I'm still alive!

I probably have about a billion pictures I could show, but it's just not happening today. Christmas was great. New Year's was relaxed. Things are now nuts. We have had four house showings in the last four days. There's one in a couple hours. I'm going insane. I want to take the Christmas decorations down, but I really need a whole day to bring out the boxes and pack everything up and get it all put away again. With all these showings, a full day has not happened. I was going to do it today, but they called this morning while I was at Target buying storage tubs (for the decorations) to replace my disintegrating cardboard boxes. Ugh! They said they have no feedback on the other showings. I told hubby I don't want to know what their feedback is unless its, "We're preparing a contract."

Oh, I bought a label maker! I've wanted one of these forever! The kids want to label everything. I may just let them.


Anonymous said...

I hope that contract comes soon!!!

Stefaneener said...

Here's crossed fingers. And from a 15-time veteran, may I never ever move again.

Anonymous said...

I bought a label maker a few years ago and discovered it under some boxes when we moved. Score! Much luck with the house... lunch soon, okay?