Saturday, January 06, 2007


I have the munchies today. And I know why.

I have a secret love. Workout videos. I don't have a crazy number of them, but I do have a special shelf for them. I just went and did a quick count, and there are 25 in the current rotation. I have probably 10-12 more that were packed up because they weren't my favorites. I expected to have them unpacked by now.

When I get the catalog from Collage Video, I get out a marker like a little kid and circle the ones I want. I read all the descriptions, fold down corners, make little stars. It's as bad as the Sears Wish Book and an 8-year-old.

You wouldn't guess about this secret love by looking at my butt. I've been a slacker, only working out about once a week. My preferred schedule is 6 days a week. I alternate: pilates one day, intense cardio and sculpting or interval workout the next. I give myself one day off a week. It's random, taken whatever day I really need the extra time or a break. I really want to get back on this schedule. I enjoy working out. I enjoy how it feels. I enjoy how it makes me feel. I enjoy how it makes me look.

So, I have the munchies today because I did a new workout this morning. I really like The Firm, but I've been hearing great things about Cathe Friedrich. Last week, in addition to some new Nikes, I treated myself to 2 new workouts, one Firm, one Cathe. The DVDs came yesterday and today I did my first Cathe workout. I can see some new stars going into my catalog.

I'll keep drinking water to keep the munchies at bay. The Christmas candy is gone and I'm on to making good choices with food again. Hopefully, my progress will show up in the form of a smaller waist and butt. In any case, I can feel it inside, my little secret.


Stefaneener said...

Sounds great. Since I can't seem to get out of the house to run, maybe I should give some a try.

Queen Bee said...

Good for you, Lara!! I only have a couple videos, more likely to do DDR right now as they're all hardwood floors here and that doesn't make for a comfy floor routine. Maybe it's time for a mat!