Tuesday, January 23, 2007

No Sale

I'm annoyed. The people who put the offer on our house never put in on paper. Last week, the guy across the street put his house on the market. For reference, it's him and part-time, his son. Most of the time, the guy stays at his fiancee's house. Our buyers put an offer on his house. So, they're not our buyers. His house is smaller, fewer rooms, smaller rooms, only one bathroom, no trees, but it is emptier and a little less money. So, they're buying it.

I'm ready to pack up my toothbrush and yarn (that's about all of my stuff that isn't yet packed) and just leave. UGH!

We're shopping around for a new agent. We're not thrilled with ours, but we stayed with him because his staff was so good. We don't want an individual agent who doesn't always answer their phone. With our guy, you can get someone on the phone 24/7, even if it's just the answering service. Surely there's another agent around that has a good staff and is good him/herself.


Anonymous said...

How frustrating - the perfect agent and buyer WILL be out there! ((hug))

Anonymous said...

Oh that stinks. I'm sorry. I hope that you find an agent who will shake things up and find that buyer for you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's disappointing! I hope you can find the right agent who can make this sale for you quickly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry it didn't pan out. Hope you find a great new agent.