Tuesday, May 22, 2007


You Are Greg Brady

Outta sight! Suave and all American, you tend to be clean cut and upstanding.
You're friendly with most people and a huge flirt (sometimes even with family members!).

I am a girl. And flirting with family members? Ick! But I thought this quiz result was too funny not to post.

Blogging will likely be infrequent for the foreseeable future. With any luck, the contract we're negotiating right now will go through and we will be doing a fast search for the house we really want, packing, and moving by June 20. Keep the fingers crossed?

I'm thinking of just getting one of those PODS things instead of renting a moving van. We can have it here for two weeks before the move and at the new house for two weeks after and they do all the moving for about the same price as renting a truck and killing ourselves for three days. What do you think?


Stefaneener said...

PODS are great. We did it for our last move. The only better thing is a completely full-service mover, where they pack, move, and unpack everything.

Sigh. Like that ever happened in my life.

J. Denae said...

I would totally do PODS for our next move!

~Velda said...

lol I love greg brady! Pods are fab, good luck and I hope it all goes smoothly! Hey, you can blog your move! lol

Margaret said...

Greg? Naaaaaaah.

Good luck as the move sounds like it's getting closer to happening!