Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sad sock


I've been going through my pictures and my Ravelry projects trying to get things caught up. There are several projects lacking pictures and several pictures without project listings and lots and lots of pictures and projects that need to be added.

This is a sock that didn't make the cut. See, it even has sad cell phone pictures? I didn't even bother finding the camera for this when I decided to frog the sock a few weeks ago.

I love this pattern (from the Fall '08 Interweave Knits.) I love this yarn (Fibranatura Yummy.) I even like the way they look together. But two things doomed this sock to the frog pond: a gauge issue, and a knitter issue. I was knitting this sock on size 0 needles, which gave me a good gauge for fitting the sock, but it was really too tight for the yarn. It was making my hands hurt, which is bad. Also, this pattern has two different charts for the two different feet. In the magazine, they give you the instructions for the right sock first, but the chart for the left sock is on the left (thus first, in my mind.) You got it. I knitted the wrong chart, and it really messes everything up. So, away the sock went. I will knit these socks (left one first) and I will use this yarn, but not together.


Still running. I'm doing more pilates between running days in hopes that my lower legs will be happier that way. Don't worry, I'm taking care of myself. My whole body is responding well to the running, and I know I could run faster, but my lower legs are not happy when I do, so I slow down. Don't make fun of me if you see me out jogging along with my short legs. lol. I used Google maps to track the route the hubby and I took this morning, and it says we went 1.8 miles. My pedometer said 1.77 miles and I wasn't sure whether I could believe it, but it seems like it was pretty accurate (assuming Google maps can be trusted.) We ran for 3 minutes at a time today (walked 90 seconds between) and it felt good.

Friday is "Walk to School" day here, and I think we'll walk the younger kids to school and then run a convoluted route home. We'll have to go the opposite direction and then come back or do some wacky loops to fit the whole run in between the school and home.


Velda said...

alright well I got confused in your first paragraph lol..

GORGEOUS sock, sorry it's a loss...beautiful wool too, look forward to seeing something beautiful come of it. Maybe a scarf? Okay well that's the only thing I KNOW how to knit lol

Kristin said...

I love the color and design...its too bad they don't work together.

Anonymous said...

Awww poor sockie. Away it goes. You'll get it right the next time. Hey great job on the whole running thing girl! Dang! You're doing awesome!

Stefaneener said...

Such a sad sock. Check out mapmyrunDOT com. It's pretty cool. That said, I missed my run this morning. Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Poor sock, I do like the yarn a lot!

And way to go on the running! You are doing great!