Monday, September 08, 2008

Still running, still knitting.

Still running. :) I'm doing couch-to-5K (again.) I made it to week 3 the last time. I'm on week 2 now. I'm definitely enjoying it more this time. I haven't managed to drag the hubby out with me yet. I didn't even get out on Friday, afflicted with 2 sick children. (They're fine now. Minor stomach bug.) Thanks, Stefaneener for the tip about the *ahem* intimate lives of couples who exercise together. That should hold some sway with the hormonally ravaged man. Oh, yeah only him. No one else. ;) I know he can't resist touching my back when I tell him to after I work out, even though he should know by now that I just want to gross him out with the sweat. (Sorry, was that TMI?) Anyway, he's either really dumb or unable to resist. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and go with the one that makes me sound more desirable.

Knitting! Yes, I have been. I don't think I mentioned that I designed a sock for the Twist On Your Toes sock of the month club in July. They're the Bamboo Lace socks. I have to say I rather like them. :) Weird to be called a designer, though.

I was plagued by some kind of yarn-munching monster for a while there. (No, not moths! Knock on cedar.) I was only knitting two projects and I ran out of yarn on both. Annoying! One was a towel I was knitting on the fly (no pattern.) Totally my fault that I ran out. I knew I was going to, but I erroneously thought that yellow dishcloth cotton would not be difficult to procure. It took me weeks to find some! When I finally found some, I bought three more balls even though I thought I would only need two. Turns out I just needed slightly less than one. Oh well. The towel is now gracing my bathroom. :) The other project was a shawl. I should have had plenty of yarn, but halfway through the border, I ran out. It's particularly annoying because I don't need all that much more, but it only comes in a monstrous 1375 yd skein. Of course I bought the one I used out-of-town a couple years ago. Ugh. It's in timeout until I decide to suck it up and buy another skein. What will I do with all the leftover Skacel Merino Lace, color 91? :p

OK, enough whining. I have been having fun, too. I'm knitting socks for me, my 11 yo daughter, and a Jeanie shawl for fun. Up next are socks for the other three kids. We'll see how long I can hold off the green sweater yarn that's calling to me from across the room. "Knit me! Knit me!" Silly yarn. It doesn't have to act so desperate.

Enough rambling for now! It's cooling down here in Kansas. Crisp leaves, sweater weather, and lit fireplaces are around the corner.


Kristin said...

Do you think your yarn munching monster could be stealing my floss too? I can't find about 3 colors I know without a doubt that I own.

I love the socks you designed. They are really cool.

Deb said...

Had to chuckle about the making the hubby touch the sweaty back ting. That is the sort of thing i would do!! lol

Cool socks Miss Designer!!

Velda said...

Lara congrats on the socks girl! They are quite pretty. I love love love the shawl, especially the colour.

Congrats on the run, keep it up. Eww on the TMI lol

Margaret said...

Those are really neat socks. I need to nudge my knitting MIL and get her to make me some socks.

LOL about the sweaty back..... good for you on the running though!

I don't knit (well). I don't run (without pain). Will you still be my friend?

Stefaneener said...

I tend to wipe sweat on my honey also. Just a perk from running. Good for you for sticking to it. I dragged my sorry behind out today even though I didn't really want to. Better moving than not, I suppose.

You seem to be churning out a lot of knitting. Want to come and finish some of mine?

Anonymous said...

I still think it's awesome that you are a sock designer! You go girl! I say EWW on the sweaty back thing too! That shawl is fabulous! Are you using the same color? Nice!