Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The hubby came running with me today. He wasn't working today, so he was glad to come along. We got back home well before he leaves for work normally anyway, so we'll see if he tags along again. I think he enjoyed it. He's been surprising lately: reading Men's Health magazine, volunteering to cook dinner on the nights he's home at dinnertime. It's fantastic. A helpful man who is finally getting interested in taking good care of himself. He's never been a plump fellow, and still isn't, but his suit didn't fit for my grandma's funeral and I don't think he liked that. Plus, I think he sees how much better my mood is when I've been taking care of myself. I'm not sure what it is, but I like it.

Because we've been pictureless lately, here are some belated pictures of our silly underwater bathroom. We have three bathrooms in the new house, one more than the old house. This is the basement bathroom, which is across the hall from my two oldest girls' bedrooms. Seems like a great place for a fun theme to me. (Sorry for the sideways pics. Didn't have time to fix them today.)

The kids and I all smeared the white walls with whatever paint we had on hand and thought would make a nice water color.

Then, a couple weeks later, we all grabbed our smaller brushes and painted whatever "under the sea" things we liked. The whole family jumped in, all four kids and the hubby and I.

The woodwork and floor required a real cleanup, but it was worth it. Fun! We don't have pictures of it here, but I painted some really tall (and some not so tall) sea plants to fill in some of the space between other things.

In any case, it's a cheerful place to be (and pee.) Ha. :p


Kristin said...

What a cool bathroom...and congrats on getting your hubby exercising with you.

Velda said...

YAY hubby!!!

I love finding Nemo....'kay close eunf!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! We have a beach bathroom with murals for our kids bathroom! It is fun to get creative like that!

Anonymous said...

How cool that you all painted together! The bathroom mural is great! Congrats to DH on joining the get fit challenge with you! Woohoo!

Stefaneener said...

My spouse has been stepping up lately. We all benefit from his engagement.