Thursday, November 20, 2008

What laundry?

Today, on the latest edition of "Avoiding the Laundry," I bring you socks. Lovely, handknit socks. Random socks which I'm pretty sure have not been posted before despite the fact that they have been living in my sock drawer for, lo, so many months, and are now getting the chance to reside on my feet. Which, sadly, means more laundry.


Peak Experience socks. These were in the Twist sock-of-the-month (SOTM) club, oh, sometime.

Rather than give you all the details on all these socks, I'm going to link each to my Ravelry project page for each. If you want details and you're not on Ravelry, well, you should be.

Elegant Cable socks From SOTM club a billion (or about 2) years ago.

Sake socks. Jackie's design for Twist SOTM.

Road to Hana socks. From SOTM a while back.

Now, I'm not going to tell you how long those pictures were sitting in my camera before I managed to put them on the computer. I am going to tell you that I hid the camera from my husband, because, despite the fact that the camera was bought for the express purpose of ME having it, and not HIM, there were approximately 1 billion pictures of model cars, 10 of the kids and 5 of the knitting in the batch I downloaded from the memory card. He will have to go back to using his own cruddy camera which he made cruddy all on his own and get no more painty fingerprints on mine.

OK, back to the laundry . . . At least there are cheerful socks in there.


Velda said...

lol you crack me up! I have a similar coloured (not styled) socks like the bottom ones...only my rough heals wore a hole in them :( My wonderful friend has offered to fix them for me tho :) Enjoy that laundry, too bad you can't avoid it forever huh?

K. Anne said...

loverly socks! :)

Rhonda said...

I am so jealous! How many have I finished? Ummm, that's be NONE.

Great job on the socks and completing them.