Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Book Meme


1. Grab the nearest book.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

6. Tag 5 people

I don't usually do memes. But I thought this one I saw on J.'s blog sounded fun.

OK, I didn't grab the first book. Here at my computer desk, I have only reference books, and I didn't think you wanted the definition of "bebop" or whatever I would find on page 123 of Webster's New World Dictionary. So I stepped over to the craft corner (next nearest books) and grabbed the first non-reference I saw.

So, from Yarn Harlot: The Secret Life of a Knitter by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee:

"The next time I saw Sinead, I noticed that she was wearing the scarf rather guiltily on the outside of her coat, where it lay quite elegantly but did not touch her skin. It was at this point that I started to wonder if she were running a scam. A huge cosmic 'getting knitted stuff' scam, since it had occured to me that the more things she found itchy the more things I was going to be compelled to knit for her."

TAG! If you want to . . . I'm not into forcibly tagging unless you wanted in on the game.


Heather said...

How funny... my closest book is a dictionary too LOL

Queen Bee said...

Funny, I don't even have a dictionary anymore, I just use the computer to look up stuff ;)

Fun meme, I'll give it a go soon!