Saturday, February 17, 2007

Random Saturday.

Random stuff and updates for today.

1. Hubby has to go back Monday to deal with the ID theft stuff. If we get this all sorted out the way it should be, it would mean about $2000 of our own money which was taken being returned to us. I just have no faith that the right thing will happen.

2. The kittens are back home and doing great. They are back to nearly normal activity levels today. Olive has stopped trying to pull her stitches out. I bought them the cutest little catnip mouse to play with when they are feeling 100%, but they have shown absolutely no interest in it. They'd rather play with pipe cleaners and 2-liter bottle caps. Yep, back to normal.

3. We had another showing yesterday. When we saw the agent's card, we laughed and laughed. It was the agent we had been working with at our previous agent's office. She's really nice and helpful, but just doesn't have the knowledge that our actual agent was supposed to be offering us. Wouldn't it be funny if she ended up having buyers for the house? We're still glad we changed agents.

4. I'm still angry at the schools. You know how sometimes you get really angry about something, and then after you cool off and think about it some more, you make some concessions to the other way of thinking or at least find a way to work it out? Not happening. Still. Very. Angry. Last summer when I was mad at the school district, I had chosen what school district I wanted to move to. After looking at houses a little, it seemed that it could be financially out of reach. Now, with the latest round of school district idiocy, I am more determined than ever to get my kids into that district. I have done more research into more districts, looked at ratings, test scores, parent reviews, spoken to family and friends with experience in different districts, the whole gamut. My original choice is still the best. I also discovered that E's middle school is rated the highest of any in our current district. If they are making me this angry with the first kid the first year, can you just imagine how I would feel about the others? I will find a way to make this happen.

5. My husband is determined to make me unable to post pictures. He broke my good digital camera a year and a half ago when I was on vacation. Now, he has stolen the memory card from the crappy digital camera to use in his mini-DV camera. I may sneakily save up some money and buy a good digital camera and not let him touch it. That is if I don't spend the money on yarn first.

6. My clicky finger slipped last week. I have yarn coming. That makes me so happy. :)

7. I knitted my nephew-to-be some pants. They are so cute. They are being added to the blanket I crocheted and the kimono and hat I knitted. If this kid isn't born soon, he will be absolutely covered in yarn. His mom is a crocheter. Heaven only knows what all she has made for him. (In addition to the things she and I made for his older brother, which will be passed down.) There is no excuse for this baby ever getting cold. If he's not born this week, I can't be held liable for the booties which may hop from my needles.

8. I love pilates. I need to remember when I'm feeling stressed that 20 minutes of pilates will make me a new woman.

OK, that's it for now. Maybe next week I can manage to post more pictures for you.


J. Denae said...

I'm surprised my clicky finger isn't broken!! If we could afford all of the clicking it would be one thing, but... well...
Can't wait to see what yarn you get... I "accidentally" ordered the Lucy colorway from blue moon today. Oops!

Sara Laughs said...

1. I hope that works out the right way for you. $2K is a lot of money!
2. Glad your kitties are home.
3. Crossing my fingers for this agent.
4. I know all about being mad at the school. Hopefully this'll be the last year you have to mess around with them.
5. What is it with husbands and cameras? I won't let Steve or the kids touch my camera anymore.
6. Yay for stash!
7. Yay for babies!
8. I love Pilates too. It's the one thing I really miss about giving up my gym membership - Pilates every Friday morning.

LoisLane said...

Hope you get all the ID theft stuff sorted out.
Our kittie goes to the vet March 1 to get fixed and declawed- we are all looking forwad to no more sneak attacks from under the couch. lol

Margaret said...

1. Fingers crossed that all will be well.
2. I would love a cat. Or two. But alas.....son has cat allergies.
3. Yes. Irony abounds.
4. So far so good. And we too stretched our budget to make schools work.
5. In our family it's my DH with the fancy camera. My memory card is incompatible with his. Fortunately.
6. My clicky finger has been behaving. Can't wait to see your new yarn.
7. Babies born in the winter are oh so helpful for knitters, aren't they?
8. I'm a slug. Would Pilates help?

Queen Bee said...

So what happened at court?