Saturday, February 10, 2007

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

Our new agent is keeping us hopping! We had a showing yesterday, 2 today and one tomorrow. Plus, yesterday morning , they took the pictures for the online listing. It was much earlier than expected because we had that showing and he wanted to come and put on the lockbox before that, so he took the pictures at the same time. Good thing, because at the time he was supposed to come, I was picking my youngest up from school and taking her to the doctor to look at her pinkeye. Her eye looks much better after a couple doses of the eye drops from the teeny tiny bottle. The bottle is so tiny, I have to keep it in the little box it came in so it doesn't get misplaced.

Yesterday was crazy in all kinds of other ways, too, but just suffice it to say we are zooming around here!

Above are some car pegs I got on clearance at Michaels for 25 cents each! Each of the kids painted one for Q to put up in his new bedroom. They're packed up now. :p Unpacking will really be like Christmas!


Stefaneener said...

It is like Christmas -- I love the fun of going through the boxes and getting rid of more stuff. I know, most people do that before they move. . .not me!

Best of luck. It sounds as though this agent is really on top of things.

Queen Bee said...

Cool! I like that each of the kids painted one :)

Hope this happens soon, Lara, I know it's no fun when a lot of your stuff is in boxes!!