Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Alpine Lace Shawl

I joined Secret of the Stole a while back. Two clues have come out. But back before the first clue was released, I knew I needed to finish the Alpine Lace shawl that was on the needles I needed for SOTS. Voila!

Here are two pre-blocked images.

And one post-blocking. This is why we have kids, right? To hold up the knits for us for blog pictures? ;)
The pattern is in Victorian Lace Today, the Alpine Lace Knit Scarf, or something similarly inspiring. Gorgeous lace in that book, but boring names!

I've finished both clues for SOTS, too, and taken pictures. But blogger won't let me add any more pictures right now. Error! :p


Anonymous said...

Goregous!!! I can't seem to do lace without cramps in my shoulders and fingers. Yours is so pretty I might try again :)

J. Denae said...

I'm with Michele!

~Velda said...

Lara, that's stunning!