Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! I love to decorate for it. I love to dress up for it. I love to make the kids costumes for it. Carving pumpkins!

I did none of those things this year. I was getting ready to throw myself a big pity party. Then my kids decided to make some cute Halloween decorations and get out some of my favorites. They made vampire potatoes. Hee-heeee. Don't let the lack of pumpkins stymie your Halloween spirit. (Oooooo, spirit. Heh.) And I'm going to go to a movie this weekend with one of my very favorite people.

I may have just ordered a "begin to spin" drop spindle kit on etsy. *whistle* And that may have required me to sign up for the etsy account I was avoiding getting. Too dangerous! Of course, it may spur me to make some things to sell on there. I'm going to think about that.

(The cross-stitch pieces are a small sampling of my Halloween pieces over the years. I've stitched way more for Halloween than for Christmas. Even if I don't have real pumpkins, I'm going to have virtual ones!)

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~Velda said...

Happy Halloween Lara! I LOVE Happy Jack, I have to restitch him for myself someday!