Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Did I show you my blanket?

I finished it a few weeks ago. The children have heeded my warning not to try to to sneak it off to their bedrooms. This is officially a couch blanket. Only to be used in the living room. (Otherwise I would never get to use it.)

It's based on the Mason-Dixon Knitting log cabin blankets. I used an applied i-cord border. Quite nifty. Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in the old colors. Less than three balls each of six colors used.

And for a bonus picture, my sock drawer. I was having trouble getting it closed, so I cleaned it out. Wonder why it was so full? Could it be all these hand-knit socks that have been added in the last two years? I got rid of about 15 pairs of regular old socks that I just don't wear anymore. You can see a few of the regular ones left in the top right corner there. I cropped out the pile of running/workout socks. I'm counting 20 pairs of hand-knit socks. I think they were all in there. All of mine, that is.

I think if we ever finally move and get the rest of the furniture out of storage, the hand-knit socks will get heir own drawer and the other socks (mostly workout socks) will go in a drawer with the workout clothing that is threatening to take over the undie drawer.

I need to knit three of the four kids a new pair (of socks, not undies) since fall has arrived. (M already has her Monkey socks.) Q has requested General Lee socks (the car, not the man.) Luckily, I don't have to dye the yarn this time. Twist has orange sock yarn the right color! So happy to have a LYS.

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~Velda said...

That's alot of socks!!!!! Your blanket is gorgeous.