Thursday, September 07, 2006

Houses, houses, houses.

I'm trying to look at houses on my realtor's website. None of the pictures will show up. Pictures are showing up on other sites, so I'm pretty sure it's a problem on his end. Ugh, it's annoying! doesn't have all the pictures that his site does. I want to look at houses sunday, and how will I know which listings we want to look at if we can't preview them online?

This whole house selling/buying/moving thing is such a pain-in-the-ass. We thought about scrapping it for now since the school issues have been resolved for this year, but that's really not going to work. First, we'd have to unpack half the stuff we packed because, while it's a little pinch to live without it for a short time, it gets much pinchier in the longterm. Second, our kids are so crammed in their bedrooms right now. My 11 year old daughter tries to change her clothes in her closet right now. Her closet with no light. My 9 year old daughter is sharing a room with her 6 year old brother. And girls are already getting "mature" by the time they're 9. My 5 year old daughter says she doesn't have a room. She just sleeps in her bed in E's room. They really need more space and privacy. We're on this road, we're going to keep going!

We haven't heard anything from those people who looked at our house for so long (a second time) a week ago. Hmph.


~Velda said...

Lara, I SO hear you on the crampiness. We are fortunate enuf to be able to build some makeshift rooms in the basement of the house we rent so that Zac (6) and Zoe (3) don't have to share anymore. I wish you lots of luck!!!

J. Denae said...

I feel your pain... and you can be my DIY goddess/House Whore anytime you want!! (We got the contract today... we'll see if they accept our first bid).

Queen Bee said...

You know I can relate to not enough room as well. And to living without stuff for short-term too! I'm hopeful that you will sell your place soon!!

Margaret said...

Oh good luck with the house stuff. I feel your pain! Of course we're now the owners of TWO houses since we haven't managed to sell the one in North Carolina yet. Ugh.