Wednesday, September 13, 2006

WIP Wednesday

I'm sure it surprises you that I have several works-in-progress in my handwork life. I'm not nearly as WIP (or UFO) heavy as many crafters I know, but I do my part. I've discovered that if I have too many of one craft going at a time, I get annoyed that there are so many and that things don't get finished fast enough. But, I do like to keep a little variety. So, in the interest of full disclosure, here are all my WsIP. (Besides, it's been ages since I took WIP pix, so you get them all at once. Shocking, I know.)

First, crocheting. I started this baby blanket as something simple to work on using mostly my right arm, when my left arm was hurting from too much home improvement. (Ok, the volume of knitting may have had something to do with it, too. But I'm blaming the home improvement.) It has no baby in mind, but I'm sure someone will pop one out who would love it. ;)

It needs three more columns of squares and the borders and it will be done. Since no baby is waiting on it, I just work on it when it sounds fun. If a baby becomes imminent, I could finish it in a couple evenings.

Next up is a combo knit and crochet piece. The center square is knitted; crocheted granny squares form the border. This is a mini version of a baby blanket I made for my cousin's daughter last year. She loves it so much, they requested a little one for her to snuggle with when the big one is too bulky, and for her to use with her baby dolls as she grows.

Those granny squares need another round, but my oldest daughter "borrowed" the yarn a while back and now she can't find it. I'm going to have to tear her room apart. I seriously hope it isn't packed. The other half of the squares start with the missing color in the middle, so this whole blanket is currently stalled.

Now for the knitting! I'm making a sweater for my husband. It's a zip-up cardigan from the summer 2006 Interweave Knits. I'm using Main Line yarn from knitpicks in Blueberry.

That's the back. Boring, eh? It will look great on him, but it's not so interesting to knit. Good for when I don't want to concentrate, though. I'm nearing the shaping for the armhole, so no worries. lol.

Here's a sock I started yesterday. My oldest daughter and I were both sick. Sitting around sick requires knitting, of course, but I didn't want to work on the boring sweater. With some great sock patterns in both the latest MagKnits and the latest Knitty, I decided it was time to make her a new pair of socks since she outgrew her other pair, and I stole them. She better not outgrow these too fast or think they're itchy, because they'll be too long for me. (I do know how to rip back a toe and re-knit, but I digress . . . ) She chose this yarn by Lane Cervinia from the stash and the Snicket pattern from Magknits. I'm ready to knit the heel.

I love the way the yarn is flashing.

Last, but not least, cross-stitch. My poor stitching has been so neglected since the knitting started en force a year ago. But I still squeeze it in here and there. I still love it, but the knitting is so much more portable most of the time, and so practical.

Joy is my oldest bit of unfinished stash. I actually bought this little kit when we lived in our apartment. We've lived in our house for 6 years. I just started stitching it sometime this year, though. Only a simple border left, then I can frame it before Christmas. It's a standard size, so it won't join the 20 odd-sized finished pieces in my buffet. Heh.

Angel of the Sea is designed by Marilyn-Leavitt Imblum. I've only finished the inset on her skirt. There's a lot more to go. The most interesting thing about this picture is the hand-dyed fabric I'm using. I bought it ages ago from a company that no longer exists, but isn't it pretty?

I stitch in-hand (no hoops or frames) and then roll up my pieces when I'm not working on them, so they tend to get wrinkled. It always comes out when I wash and press the finished piece. So, deal with the lines. lol.

Finally, Altengamme by Wiehenburg Samplers. This is a huge medallion sampler. I'm using Needle Necessities overdyed floss and DMC, one over two on 40 ct linen. The medallion at the bottom left of this picture is right in the center of the whole sampler.

This concludes our tour of Lara's WsIP. Please remain seated and keep all hands in the vehicle until it reaches a full and complete stop. Thank you, and please come again!


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I LOVE the sock!!! And the other stuff is neat as well. You'll have to take a pic of the DH in his sweater. I WISH mine would wear knitted items :( And congrats, you have less WIP than I do, :P I must finish projects before I start more, I must finish projects before I start more.....

xsquared said...

The baby blanket is beautiful! I'm hoping to learn to crochet this year. All of your WIPs look great!

Karen said...

See.... this is why I wanted to start knitting... that blanket is adorable! I love the socks too. If I could just master that switch between knitting and purling (like in ribbing) I could move on to exciting stuff... LOL! Thanks for fueling my Kind of Hobby. :)

~Velda said...

WOW those are some lovely pieces and so close to being finished. My fave is the German sampler, wunderbar!

Margaret said...

Oh I love the sock!!! My MIL knits (so I don't have to learn haha) and I think I'll coerce her into making us all warm socks for this winter.

Kristina said...

wow love your knitting Lara and very impressed with Altengamme. I have that one in my stash unstarted.

Vicki said...

You've got some great wip's going there! The sock has a very cool pattern. The baby blanket is beautiful. The sweater for looks very nice. And love all your cross stitch wip's especially Joy.

MiPa said...

Everything looks lovely Lara! I really like Altengamme. I look forward to seeing updates.

LoisLane said...

I have discovered that I am utterly un-crafty and talentless while you, my friend, are amazing!

Pam said...

Yay, pictures from Lara! I love all your WIP's and I sure wish I could knit LOL. I tried teaching myself last year by knitting a scarf, but haven't finished it yet. Maybe I'll pick it up again now that it's getting cold. I even bought sock yarn to try, but I'm to scared to, ugh. I always love seeing your work and look forward to your next big batch of update photos!