Monday, March 12, 2007

No pictures

Sorry, my apostrophe isnt working. Dunno whats wrong with it. :p

I was fully intending to put up some lovely pictures of knitted things here today. But, I cant find the camera. I think my dorko husband must have it. So, no pictures for you. :p

We had three showings and an open house over the weekend. During our open house, I decided we should go look at open houses in the neighborhood I want to move to. the neighborhood was even better than I remembered. Lots of kids out playing and well-kept yards. Two of the three houses I was interested in were open. Lucky, huh? Well, the first house wouldnt work. The basement is unfinished and could easily be finished into what we want, but there are no egress windows, so we wouldnt want to put the other bedroom we need down there. The second house would work, but the seller would have to come down on the price and from little hints around the house, she seemed like she would be unwilling to haggle. She had a note on the front door with the alarm code stating that if you set off the alarm, she would be sending you a bill for the false alarm charge. Hey lady? Considering youve just given the whole world your alarm code, why dont you just not set the alarm, huh? She also had clearly not packed up a single thing. She had more figurines than the Hallmark store I used to work for. The carpet was scary blue upstairs and scary green down. But that could be replaced easily. I can lay hardwood floors, no problem. :)

The house that wasnt open was the one I had the most interest in. So, if we ever get a bite on our house, I will be hopping on that one! Send more of those selling vibes, could ya? The market is picking up here with the weather getting nicer. We spruced up the yard last week. I think this place looks pretty darn good!

I unpacked one little box yesterday, but I really wanted to watch Harry Potter! And Ive gotten rid of enough movies that they all fit in the one cabinet under the TV. No need to bring in the bookshelf they used to be on. Im so sick of having all our stuff packed up! I got rid of several things last Friday through freecycle and I was very pleased to have them gone! Goodbye, lawnmower that doesnt work. Goodbye spare blue fridge. Goodbye curtain rods.


Gwen said...

I wish you much good fortune in your house selling and buying venture. I would love to move to a bigger house, but owe too much on the one I'm in.

Anonymous said...

Sell Sell Sell Sell!!! And get that camera back from DH, I wanna see more knitting photos :)