Thursday, March 15, 2007

Yarn is Good

J. Denae, I think you're a bad influence. ;) First, I go to the grocery store yesterday and I see those little 100 calorie packs of hostess cupcakes. Normally, I wouldn't buy something like that. But, having sampled them out of your generosity, I saw them, they were on sale, I bought them. Yummy!

OK, I probably would have bought something like low-carb fudge bars instead, and really, these aren't much worse, as long as I limit them in the same way. And those little cakes are so much more satisfying than a low-carb fudge bar.

Second, I have bought yarn online twice this week! I think the purchases you're not making are somehow crawling into my brain and bursting out of a very naughty clicky finger.

But, yarn is good. I love yarn. My stash is really very small and sad and needs to be enhanced.

So, how dare you be such a bad influence? How dare you sway me to do (and buy) things that make me happy? You should be ashamed of yourself. As punishment, I order you to roll around in yarn without drooling. If you don't, I will force you to knit for hours and hours.

So, anyway . . . The yarn I ordered today is to feed my desperate need for kneesocks. Yes, back when I was a Catholic School girl, I hated the kneesocks, but I liked wearing a skirt every day. Now, I'm loving the kneesocks, and once they are knitted, I'm going to have to buy or sew some skirts to go with them. I really do love wearing skirts.

I think the first socks up will be Eunny Jang's entrelac knee socks in the latest Interweave Knits. I've e-mailed to join the Knit-Along, which I have linked over in my blogroll. ----> The yarn called for would be $60! For a pair of socks. I went with Knitpicks Palette. Total cost: $10. Less than what I spend on an average pair of hand knit socks, which are much shorter. I hope it's not scratchy.

Tomorrow: pictures! The camera has been found.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! You have an enabler in your midst! :) Step away from the stash and no one gets hurt ;)

J. Denae said...

Listen, I am fun and a good friend and I also make good snacks and provide art supplies to distract the children. So I tempt a little, enable a little... there are worse things! And it's not like I'm enabling you to... smoke crack or leave your husband and run away to Canada with me! It's just yarn!!