Thursday, March 22, 2007

This yarn thing may be getting out of hand.

We had a house showing yesterday and one today. The one yesterday was in the evening. When we got home it was time for the kids to get ready for bed. The one today was just after lunch. In the intervening time, I painted this room. We call it the back room. It is a dining room/computer room/craft room. Two coats. Alone. Today, I am a little sore and cranky. The paint is called "oats" and it is much more boring than the lovely green I used to have in here, but it is fresh and broadly appealing to buyers. We are also putting in a new patio door, replacing the ugly, poorly functioning slider with lovely, hopefully well-functioning french doors. Then next week, I'm laying laminate flooring in this room and the family room (aka the front room.) This house will be totally WOW at that point and people would be crazy not to buy it. I'll be tempted to stay. (Ha. Not happening.)

So, getting ready for painting and the flooring extravaganza to come, I moved the stash cubbies to my bedroom. Over half of my stash(es) has been packed. Mostly cross-stitch stuff. I kept out a few projects in my stitching basket, but all the rest was packed. But somehow, I can't bring myself to pack up the yarn.

See how happy it looks in my grandma's old Longaberger Sewing Basket?

But, it is a little crowded over next to the bed. And Tegwyn clearly thinks I put it all there for her.

I like the cubbies unstacked. Something to consider for after the move.

So now, what should I do with this? *whistle* Silly mail carrier. Bringing me storage challenges. ;) What you see there is four pairs of socks and a sweater? See?

The greys are for entrelac knee socks. The blue is for clessidra knee socks. The bright pink is another pair of knee socks. (See a trend here?) I suppose I will just dream of knee socks until I finish the work on the house and collapse in a heap sometime next week.

P.S. Spring Break has mostly been fun, and we're off to the Titanic exhibit at the children's museum now!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You have been working hard on that house! And the yarn! Where did all THAT come from? Surely this 'new' hobby is taking up too much space and time. I can help out with that. ;) My craft cabinets are just waiting to be filled!

Anonymous said...

Now how did you get your yarn to behave so nicely? Mine tries to escape every organization method known. If you need a home for yarn, my stash does get a wee bit lonely, and it will be lonlier still after I get rid of two laundry baskets worth!

Now darn it, that house of yours had better get sold, soon! So you can get the other yarn out of storage of course ;)

J. Denae said...

I am jealous of your yarn storage options!! All of my yarn is either in big gray Rubbermaid containers or in tote bags... then there is a large box at work that we aren't talking about!!

~Velda said...

WOW those are even just visually appealing and stunning to the eye!!!!!!! Oh how I wish I could knit! Then I could buy all those pretty colours too....and more storage cabinets ;)

Margaret said...

You're doing a lot of work on your house! I hope that it sells soon. Supposedly our house looked fantastic before it finally sold (after a lot of paint/light fixture work). I never saw it because we had already moved to New York.

Love the basket of yarn.

Anonymous said...

Your stash looks so organized and pretty! All that yummy yarn!

What a lot of work you are doing on the house! I really hope the right buyer comes along soon!