Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Babies, babies, babies!

Babies are popping up all around. My oldest daughter's uncle and his wife are having their second baby next month. I haven't seen them lately, though E has, and she wanted to give them a little something. Not knowing if they're having a boy or a girl, I thought a pumpkin hat would be ideal for a fall baby.

The hat was so cute (and I had so much green yarn left over) that I thought matching booties would be nice. Above is the first, frogged attempt. It was too big, too green, and too floppy. The leaves didn't pop the way I would like. And it looked too boyish to me.

These ankle strap booties were perfect. And they turned out so cute! Plus, the two of them just barely used all the yarn from the one frogged leaf bootie.

A's Bitty Baby is a very compliant model, but not very expressive, and too small for the newborn clothes. :p

My younger brother B and his wife are expecting after a very long wait! This is going to be a very long 9 months. If anyone can spare a positive thought for a smooth pregnancy, that would be fantastic.

A friend from my knitting group is waiting on a call about a foster-to-adopt baby. I know I'm thinking lots of good thoughts for her.

I guess my baby knitting can continue unabated. But right now, the turquoise bamboo sweater is demanding attention. :)

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Margaret said...

That's the best dressed Bitty Baby I've ever seen!

Both of my kids had strawberry hats (being late spring and summer babies I guess?). I love the pumpkin. I always joked with MIL (the knitter!) that she should have made them eggplant hats as well.