Friday, August 03, 2007

Entrelac knee socks!

I love the rhythm of "Entrelac Knee Socks." Say it three times fast!

I have no fewer than six completed pairs of socks that I haven't shown you in the time I've been away. I'm going to blog them one at a time. Perhaps by the time they're all posted I'll get over myself and show you some completed tops, too. I wear them all the time!

The entrelac socks pattern is in the spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits. I knitted mine with KnitPicks Palette yarn. I didn't need nearly the amount I bought. I have enough leftover to make some interesting gloves or something. And then some. I don't think I would recommend it as sock yarn. It's spun too loose for a sock yarn, in my opinion, and it isn't very soft. It's not marketed as sock yarn, but it's the right weight and it was a bargain. I'm still glad I used it for these. I'll wear them when it's cold out, for sure!

For you Ravelers, here's a link to my project page on these.


~Velda said...

You sock fanatic you! My friend is making socks too, I sent her a link...these are really really cool!

Libby said...

Holy Cow!!! I read the instructions in last year's Interweave and I think I understand it...but...can you help me get started on a pair? I see you are teaching a class on the 14th but I have to work that night....:(

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!