Sunday, August 26, 2007

In a funk.

I promise, this will be the only whining you will hear from me for a good long time. I am in a funk! A knitting funk! A house funk! Just a funk!

I blame the fact that almost all my fun stuff is packed and there is no moving date in sight. I'm also feeling a little lost about my kids' schooling. We're just in waiting mode. Our curriculum should be coming any minute, and as soon as we get going with that, I'm sure there will be no time for self-pity! Plus, the big girls' choir starts back up tomorrow. That will be good.

So, about the knitting funk . . .
You may have noticed I was on a sock kick. I started some Monkey Socks and promptly stalled out on my sock kick. I went down a little too far on needle sizes (to a 0, when a 1 would have done it.) And now the ankle is uncomfortably tight. I thought about frogging. Then I thought about my three daughters. Surely one of them will fit these and like them, right? My oldest daughter has feet bigger than mine. Um, never mind her. My second daughter wears pink constantly. These socks are a deep teal color. But she tried them. She likes them. They are hers. Sock one was finished yesterday. Sock two has been started.

This means I will have to make three more pairs of socks for the other three children shortly. Did I mention the oldest has bigger feet than mine? Why do they all keep growing? Oh yeah, I keep feeding them.

Knitting funk item two: Mystery Stole 3.
I started all gung-ho. I caught up in time for Clue four to be released. Then I stalled. Clue five soon appeared. A WING?! WTH?! A wing . . .

Turns out the wing is very pretty. And now there are many pictures on Ravelry and out on blogland showing how lovely it looks while being worn. But I still don't think it's for me. The hubby helped me decide I should just frog it. But I didn't. I'm still thinking about making it symmetrical. Then I start thinking about how much I love other stoles and shawls I could be knitting instead. Then I think about how much I love the beginning of this one, and the beads. Then I think about having a Diet Coke or working out or mowing the yard, or anything to stop obsessing about this silly stole!

What do I find to distract me? Secret of the Stole. I joined. And I claim to be a fast learner. Ha.

Knitting Issue #3 (Not really a funk.): Tangled Yoke Cardigan
I have the Fall Interweave Knits. I have yarn. (Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, yuuuuuuummmmmm.) I decide to swatch. (A true sign of dedication on my part. I usually just start knitting and then frog if the gauge is too wrong. Maybe I am learning.) I discover my size 5 Knitpicks Options tips are currently in a sweater-in-progress that has been packed. I have about half a back done on said sweater. I decide to open the box it is in (amazingly easy to locate and clearly labeled) and frog the sweater I haven't touched in months. As soon as I get it out, I just want to knit it! The yarn (bamboo) is lovely and soft, with a nice sheen. The braid-like cables have just the right amount of definition. The blue will look lovely with my eyes.

So, for the past hour, I have been knitting the blue sweater and listening to Tristan and Isolde on Craftlit.

Funk averted? Sorry, Tangled Yoke. You may have to wait for this sweater to be done first. Curriculum should be here any day. Think I can knit and teach at the same time? ;)


~Velda said...

I'm so sorry you're in a knitting funk! I know with my stitchy funks I usually go thru my patterns and stash to boost my interest again...maybe once school starts things will be calmer and you'll be able to get back to all those lovely pieces again. I really enjoy watching your pieces come together AND I bought new wool this weekend...don't abandon me! lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are in a funk, hope it clears soon!

My knitting teacher was doing the mystery stole too and was very disappointed when she learned what it was. She said she is probably not going to finish either or like you mentioned just make it symmetrical. I would love to see a pic of a finished one. I can't imagine what it really looks like? Personally I don't think I would care for it.

I am stuck on a sweater. All pieces are knit, I just need to sew it together. I hate that part!

Heather said...

I love funks.... LOVE THEM! Wait... maybe that is FUNKY ;) Anyhow... I hope you get out of your funk soon!