Monday, August 06, 2007

Breeze Socks

These are from the Summer 2007 Knitty. I knit mine with Rowan 4-ply cotton. I love the yarn! Soft, with a bit of a sheen, but not shiny.

I love the socks, too, they're so pretty! They have little cables on the heels and an interesting ribbed toe. I don't know if I will ever wear them, though. I don't wear socks in the summer unless I'm working out. These are not appropriate workout socks. I haven't worn them once.

They were a lot of fun to knit and very fast! I had them done in less than a day. I had to watch the measurements carefully while knitting. Their gauge and repeats in the pattern don't add up to the measurements they say. But, I usually knit socks by measurement anyway. My feet seem to be smaller than average.

Please ignore my bug-bitten ankles. Too much yard work, not enough bug repellant.


Anonymous said...

Pretty! I don't wear ankle socks, but those look fun. I might have to pick up an Interweave Knits and look at the Entrelac socks pattern, I love those!

Knappy Knits said...

Very cute. I like the cables on the heel.

Katla said...

That's it! From now on, I'm calling you The Sock Monkey!!!