Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is the blanket that doesn't end . . .

It just goes on and on my friend.

It's lovely, it's colorful, it's soft, it's neverending! I used to take it to things like KIP with me because I knew I could talk endlessly and still be able to knit this without messing up. It's a garter-stitch log cabin blanket, for heaven's sake. But, it is now rather large, and much too warm to be carrying around in the 100 degree heat.
I rented Apocalypto. I have 2 strips left on each side, and a border (which is going to be equivalent to half a strip on each side, all in the same color.) I figure the movie is long enough that I can get a lot done. And reading subtitles will distract me from the boredom of endless garter stitch. (Yes, I can knit garter stitch without looking.)

Here are some knot booties from 50 Baby Bootees to Knit by Zoe Mellor. You may recognize the yarn as being leftovers from the bee stripe socks. (Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock.) They are soft, and so cute! They sill be adorable on little baby feet.

Typing kind of hurts. The skin right next to my pinky fingernail on my left hand has decided to pull away from the nail, and it hurts. (Duh.) When I type, the side of the finger seems to get a fair bit of pressure. Owie.

In other news, I'm homeschooling all four of my kids this year. I'm excited and scared and thrilled. This was both a snap decision and a long time coming. I'd been considering it for over a year, but since we were moving to another school district, I wasn't going to do it. Then, we didn't move. (House is still on the market, BTW.) I decided right away that I would homeschool my oldest. As I did more research, I thought that homeschooling would really benefit all of my kids, each in their own way.

We're enrolled through a virtual school, using the K12 curriculum. Since we were a little late getting started in our planning, we're still waiting on curriculum, but it should be here in the next week or so. We'll start school within the week after it arrives. In a selfish way, I'm almost afraid that I'll love this too much and it will take a very long time to get my own time back. But, in every other way, I feel great about it. I love setting our schedule, spending more time with the kids in a productive way, having more options in how to live our life. I feel a huge sense of responsibility to my kids, to make sure that they learn what they should and grow up to be responsible, productive, happy adults. What could be a better use of my time than that?

So, we'll do it for this year and re-evaluate at the end of the year to make sure everyone is thriving and that it still works for us. This is going to be a great adventure!


Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new adventure of home schooling!

Margaret said...

Good luck with your new adventure. From what I know of your frustration with schools and such I know you all will have a great year learning at home!

Heather said...

I kinda lost my FERVER to do knitting... but I might have to do a blanket like your on and on one... I have an idea LOL GREAT! Just what I need ;)